The demand for the printed tapes is increasing day by day due to the vast number of advantages. They have made the shipping process quite easy, and it also becomes a matter of praise on behalf of the company because the excellent packaging leaves a great impression on the customers. There are some surfaces on which the labels can be printed.




The printed tapes can be usually printed in the form of surfaces like the regular paper, adhesive labels and also on the roll adhesive label surfaces which can be done using a thermal printer. An example of this can be found at PTDN Ltd – Visit website

Regular paper

Most of the information that is printed on the plain computer paper include the details of the shipping. But on the other hand, the printing of the online postage programs can be done with the help of an inkjet printer or a laser printer. When ready, the labels can be attached directly to the surface of the packaging with the help of packaging tape. It must be remembered that in the process of the pasting of the tapes, the barcodes do not get hidden.
However, they are quite popular in their usage due to their natural availability and appropriate size.


Adhesive labels

This is a bit modernized format that is specially used in the case of USPS shipping. They too use the laser or inkjet printers. But there is never a problem of attaching an addition of information content with the packaged material. The adhesive tapes are enough. The labels are quite sturdy and cannot be easily ripped off.

The labels are quite expensive and can be mostly used on large surfaces. They cannot usually be used with the small packages because they get wrapped up at the ends.
The labels can be a good one because it looks quite attractive and there is no necessity of adding additional information. Moreover, the barcodes are well shielded from any of the scanner issues like the others.

Shipping labels printed using thermal printers

This is yet another printed packaging tape formula that uses heat to be printed. In this case, the information related to the shipping is directly printed utilizing the temperature of the printer. There is never a chance of smearing with this technique. This is quite economical because it does not require extra time for drying up of the inked surface because the heat already does it.
However, the problem with this method is that it is not at all affordable on a regular basis by smaller companies because it costs over $350. There is a need for additional adhesive label roll.
However it is quite profitable for the large companies who employ the technique in a faster way, there is no problem of purchasing other inks. The printed surface is so good that there is never a risk of smearing. So, this technology is widely used for high-quality goods. 



Hence we can conclude from the above article, that it is quite easy for the companies to employ such a good sealing tape. The products get a care quality value, and so does the company. In the coming days, it has been thought that shipping will be made more accessible than ever using some better techniques.